About the sauce...
This sauce started out as a way to attempt to organically remove pests from plants. It is stated that a way to remove bugs from plants is to make strong mixture of garlic and hot peppers - this combination didn't do much for the bugs - but it tastes great!!! Please try a jar or two and see what you think. We think you'll be quite amazed at just how good "bug killer" can taste. Click on "Formulas" on the left to find out about and order the Original "Hellish Relish"!!! Oh, and don't worry - while it didn't kill any bugs - it hasn't killed any humans either.

There are 3 versions currently available starting with Formula #2. While some may say this sauce is strong enough, others may call it "sissy sauce". From there we went to Formula #3 - finally, it seemed that heat freaks would be satisfied with a blend of peppers and spices that tasted great and had plenty of heat. In an attempt to satisfy those of us that can really stand the heat... there is Formula #4 - Death Sauce. It has such an intimidating name because it means business. Of course there's habanero peppers in there, and a few others as well. All Kevin's Kitchen Hot Sauces are handmade in an extremely sanitary, but occaisionally fragrant facility. When this stuff gets made, the weak step aside. :)

Thanks for visiting the site. If you have any questions or are looking for ways to use the sauces - such as to kick up barbeque sauce, salsas or breads, just send me an email. kpcrash@patriot.net

Online ordering is presently made possible through PayPal. If you don't like PayPal, or online ordering at all, just send me an email with you contact information and I will call you right back.

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